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Pallas' Cat (Felis manul)

Pallas' Cat | Felis manul photo
Pallas'cat in Edinburgh Zoo.
Photograph by Abujoy. Some rights reserved.


Pallas' Cat is about the same size as a domestic cat. The long thick fur is gray or pale reddish brown with longer white guard hairs giving it a grizzled or frosted appearance. The underside is darker in color and has longer fur than the upper body. There are five to seven narrow black stripes running along the lower part of the back. The tail is long with five to seven black rings and a black tip. The legs are relatively short and squat and similar in color to the body. The paws have short reddish fur on the underside. The top of the head is gray with some dark spots and streaks and the eyes have pale rim of fur. There are black stripes running down from the eye corners. The chin and neck are white. The upper lip is reddish. An unusual feature is the eyes is the pupils form circles rather than slits when they contract. The ears are broad and short and may have darker tips.

Other Names



Body Length: 50cm - 60cm. Tail Length: 21cm - 31cm


found on rocky steppes and stony outcrops at altitudes up to 4800m. It is not found on lowlands or highlands with deep snow.


Pallas' Cat feeds on small rodents. Sometimes eats small birds. It captures prey by stalking and pouncing.


Female cats give birth to litters of four to six kittens (up to eight) after gestation period of 74 - 75 days. The kittens are blind and helpless at birth and measure about 12cm long. The young start to hunt at about three to four months. The average life span is around 11-12 years.


Afghanistan, Armenia, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

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Wildcat | Felis silvestris photo
Pallas' Cat (Felis manul) also known as the manul at Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kent, England
Photograph by Keven Law. Some rights reserved.