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American Curl Cat

American Curl Cat photo

American Curl
Photograph by tanakawho. Some rights reserved.

The American Curl is named for its most prominent feature: its curled ears. They are small, stiff and widely open. They often have tufts of hair on the curled-in point. The Curl is a robust cat, with its ideal body length being between 1 and 1 times the height from its shoulder to the ground. Their heads are slightly rounded and their eyes are round and spaced one eye-width apart. The American Curls' coats are medium in length, generally, although there is a longhaired variety which has a plumed tail. Their fur should be soft and silky to the touch. The Curls' hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs, and their paws are small and rounded.


Small to medium




American Curl cats are very extroverted and people-loving. They enjoy participating in household activities and meeting new people. They are very curious and loyal, and maintain their kittenishness throughout their lives. Curls are not very vocal, but will tell their owners if they need something or want attention.

Suitable for

American Curls are suitable for all prospective owners, particularly for families.


Because their fur doesn't have much of an underlayer, the American Curls don't need frequent grooming and an occasional wash and comb will suffice.


American Curl cats were bred from one black kitten with curled ears that turned up on a Californian couple's doorstep in 1981. Later that year, the cat had a litter of kittens with curled ears, and a geneticist confirmed that it was a spontaneous and dominant genetic mutation, but not a harmful one. All pedigreed Curls can trace their heritage back to that black cat, called Shulamith, meaning "black but comely".

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American Curl Cat photo

Photograph by tanakawho. Some rights reserved.