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American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair Cat photo

Photograph by Lib3rtine. License: Public Domain.

The American Shorthair has a muscled body and is medium to large in size. As its name indicates, the cats are all short haired animals. The most common pattern for the American Shorthair is the classic tabby, however these cats come in many different colours and patterns. The mackerel tabby is also relatively common amongst these cats. Other patterns include tortoise shell (orange and black), solid bi-colour and calico (black, white and orange). However, the Shorthair is generally found in silver classic tabby. The American Shorthair's face is round and its ears are normal in size and pointed. The eyes are round, blue, and alert.


Medium - large


Red, silver, brown, cream, blue.


American Shorthair cats are calm, gentle and friendly cats. They are very good hunters but, at the same time, good family cats and get along well with all occupants of the house, from other pets to small children. The American Shorthair is loyal, sweet and loves to be included in activities.

Suitable for

The American Shorthair is suitable for anyone, particularly for families with children.


It is recorded that the Mayflower and many other ships that journeyed to the New World carried several shorthaired cats that were used to catch mice in the food stores. Later, the cats were used on farms for this same reason. Originally a working cat, the American Shorthair became established as America's own native shorthair cat.

More American Shorthair Cat Pictures
American Shorthair Cat photo

Cream Cameo Tabby American Shorthair kitten - 6 weeks old.
Photograph by Ckahler. License: Public Domain.