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Australian Mist Cat

Australian Mist Cat photo

Blue Spotted Australian Mist
Photograph by Regis2007. Some rights reserved.

The Australian Mist is shaped like any other short haired domestic cat and is well proportioned. Its coat is short but thick and is silky to touch. Their eyes are green and communicative. There are two types of patterns for the Australian Mist: The Spotted Mist and the Marbled Mist.
The Spotted Mist's coat has a solid creamy, silvery background and ticked darker spots that fall all over it. As the solid background colour is always the same misty hue, the colours of the cat have been named according to the spot colour. The tail is ringed with the spot colour.
The Marbled Mist's coat is much the same as the Spotted Mist's, with the difference being that the spots are replaced by a pattern that is more like a tabby cat's in that it has symmetrical blotches of a darker colour on the sides which is then dashed with a lighter colour. This still appears on the 'misty' background. Marbled Mists are known to have spotted undersides and the tail is not ringed, but marked with irregular scallops of colour.




Lilac, blue, brown, chocolate, gold, peach


Mists are extremely gentle and placid and have been bred for this particular nature. The Australian Mist is extremely affectionate and is good for young children as they are very agreeable and tolerant when children want to play. They are said to remain kitten-like for their whole lives.

Suitable for

The Australian Mist cat is suitable for families and the elderly who are seeking a companion cat.


The Australian Mist is the first and only breed to have originated from Australia. They were bred in 1977 by combining Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian Domestic Shorthairs, and are known for their affectionate natures and for being bred not to kill wildlife.