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Balinese Cat

Balinese Cat photo

Lilac Point Balinese
Photograph by O. Williams. License: Public Domain.

Balinese cats are sleek but well muscled, with a coat of medium length. Their eyes are clear and alert, and are neither deep-set not protruding. They are almond-shaped, blue and slanted towards the nose. The deeper the blue of the eyes, the nicer the cat looks. The Balinese's head is wedge-shaped and the nose is entirely level, like an extension of the forehead. When seen in profile view, the line from forehead to nose should be completely flat. The ears are very large and pointed and are very wide at the bottom. The Balinese cat is very well proportioned with long slim legs, and the hind legs should be longer than the front. The paws are small and oval shaped, while the tail is long, and fans out. The hair is longest on the tail.
The Balinese cat has a loud meow, and is quite vocal.




Various, including tortie and tabby points.


Balinese cats are very active and interested in both humans and toys. They enjoy playing fetch and need a lot of attention. They can be mischievous when left alone or bored, but enjoy expressing themselves to their owners with their loud meows.

Suitable for

The Balinese cats are suitable for anyone, and are good for families.


The Balinese cat will need regular brushing for its coat.


Originally called "Longhaired Siamese" cats, the Balinese originated in the 1920s, born from Siamese cats. In the 1950s, two American breeders dubbed them "Balinese", because they were graceful like Balinese dancers and decided to begin a breeding program for the cats to perfect the "Balinese look". There are now two lines of Balinese cats; the more traditional looking ones with the more rounded heads and the postmodern, stylised appearance.