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Brazilian Shorthair Cat

Brazilian Shorthair Cat photo

Brazilian shorthair kitten playing hide and seek
Photograph by Poga. Some rights reserved.

As its name suggests, the Brazilian Shorthair's coat is short, and lies close to its body. There are a large number of patterns for the coat. They have comparatively slender, yet powerful, bodies, and mid-length tapering tails. Their legs are well-muscled and their paws are rounded. Their heads are vaguely long, with medium sized ears which are rounded at the tips. The Brazilian Shorthair's eyes are large, expressive, and almond-shaped, and tend to match the colour of the coat. The space between the eyes is approximately the width of one eye.




There is a vast number of colours for the Brazilian Shorthair.


The Brazilian Shorthair is a loving, affectionate cat, almost to the point of being clingy. It needs an owner who can give it a lot of attention, love, and involvement in household life. These cats bond with anyone and everyone, and wilt without having their affections reciprocated. They have been known to seek out friendlier owners if not shown enough affection. These cats are very relaxed and easygoing animals in general, and are great with children.

Suitable for

These adoring cats are suitable for any owner who can dedicate enough time to them and show them the love they need. They are particularly well suited to family settings with children, and make good companions for the elderly.


The breed is naturally occurring, but it was not until the mid 1980s that the Brazilian Cat Federation realised the need for a native Brazilian cat. It was only then that the similarities in behaviour and physiology was noted in existing cats across Brazil, and from then onwards the maintenance of the purebred Brazilian Shorthair began.