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British Longhair Cat

British Longhair Cat photo

British Longhair Black Silver Shaded
Photograph by Chatterie des MillenovŠ. Some rights reserved.

This cat has a medium-to-long, fluffy coat and a short thick, bushy tail. The British Longhair, or Lowlander's, head is broad and round. Its ears are short and rounded at the tips, sitting quite far apart. Its eyes are large and also round, with the colour sometimes differing depending on the colour of their fur. These cats have broad chests and muscled backs, with short legs and solid round paws. Their figure, overall, is very stocky. As British Longhairs are descended from Persians and British Shorthairs, there is a wide variety of fur colours and patterns.




There are a wide variety of colours available.


British Longhairs are gentle, loving cats with a mild temperament and a good nature. They are very affectionate and friendly, and are quite tolerant of young children. However, if they object strongly to something they will make their objection known. As kittens and up until about their second year, they are very playful, but they will mellow out and become less active with age. They can amuse themselves quite well.

Suitable for

These cats are suitable for most households, including those with young children. However, if the children are particularly boisterous then the British Longhair is perhaps not the best choice of cat.


To maintain the good condition of their coats, daily brushing (for about 5 minutes) is recommended. It may also be necessary to wash your British Longhair cat, and towel- or blow-drying afterwards will help it not to catch cold afterwards.


British Longhairs originated from the crossbreeding of British Shorthairs and Persian cats, in the 1870s. However, some British Shorthair cats carry a gene for long hair, and this can cause a longhaired kitten or two to appear in a litter. The British Longhair is a certified breed in most countries.

More British Longhair Cat Pictures
British Longhair Cat photo

British Longhair Cat - Cattry Boerling's Estate
Photograph by Boerling. Some rights reserved.