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British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat photo

british shorthaired cat silver tabby
Photograph by Mike weir. Some rights reserved.

British Shorthairs are sturdily built, with a powerful, muscled body with a broad chest. Their coats are short and thick. They also have strong, short legs and round paws. Their tails are thicker at the bottom, and come to a rounded tip. Their heads are rounded, with small well-spaced ears, and large, round eyes which are opened wide. Their noses are small and broad. British Longhairs have a lifespan of between 15 and 18 years, but are known to live longer.

However, WWII saw the devastation of the Shorthair breed to the extent that it had to be recreated by interbreeding various cats, such as Persians and Brits. This accounts for the now-present variety in colours and patterns.




There are up to 30 colours of British Shorhair.


These cats are quiet, even-tempered cats with a friendly, docile nature. They are not vocal or demanding of their owners, but are affectionate and loving. They get along with children and other pets, preferring to have a play-mate to being the only pet. However, they are not bothered by being alone in a house while their owner is out. They are independent in that they can cope on their own, but they prefer company and will often follow their owners around the house. They are loyal cats.

Suitable for

British Longhairs are an ideal pet for families and small apartments. They are friendly with children and are not particularly active, so they wonít get restless and cause havoc.


Their fur does not tangle, but a light brush or comb once weekly will help keep the fur in good condition.


The British Shorthair has its origins in Roman times. A huge number of cats were introduced to the United Kingdom to be used as working cats to reduce rodent population on farms and properties. However, the cats remained and were left to interbreed with British Natives when the Romans left in the second century AD. Because of Britainís relative isolation over the next millennium, the British Shorthair breed emerged.

More British Shorthair Cat Pictures
British Shorthair Cat photo

British Shorthair female cat
Photograph by Klarissae. Some rights reserved.