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Burmese photo

Photograph by Earth68. Some rights reserved.

Burmese cats are slim, sleek animals with very short coats and bright golden yellow eyes. Their paws are small and oval shaped and their heads are relatively flat. They have large pointed ears and swishy tails. Burmese females are smaller than their male counterparts.




Brown, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, red, lilac-cream (also known as lilac tortie), blue tortie, chocolate tortie and brown tortie


Burmese cats are active, playful, inquisitive and like to meet people. They can be destructive around the home if they do not have a scratching post and will tear curtains and furniture. Burmese cats get bored easily, and this will also lead to them being destructive around the home. Breeders claim that tortie Burmese cats are particularly impish and impertinent. Burmese cats like to talk to their owners and will meow often and loudly. Burmese are good pets for families, but if there are young children, they are probably not ideal as Burmese cats do not suffer being teased or played with after they become impatient.

Suitable for

Families and apartments, though not ideal for young children


Burmese are low-maintenance and do not put on weight easily. Their short coats mean that they do not need much brushing.


There are many theories about how the Burmese cats came to be bred, but the most accepted one is that Doctor Joseph Thompson had a small brown female cat brought from Burma to San Francisco, where it produced kittens with a Siamese cat. The female cat mated with one of the kittens from this litter and had more. The dark kittens from this new litter were bred and the Burmese cat was created.