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Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat photo

male Burmilla cat
Photograph by David Johnson. Some rights reserved.

The Burmilla is medium in size and has a normal sized body and a rounded head that is wedge shaped. It is wider just above the eyes and then tapers down bluntly to the muzzle. The Burmilla's eyes are a brilliant green that is the signature of the breed, but in some variations of Burmilla cats, the eyes are known to be amber. The Burmilla's coats are tipped, which means that only the very ends of the hairs are coloured. This gives a lighter look to the cat's coat. The coats can also be shaded as opposed to tipped, which means that a little more of the hair is coloured. The length of the Burmilla's coat can be anywhere from short to semi-long. These semi-longhaired varieties are often called Tiffanies.




Black, brown, lilac, chocolate


The Burmilla cat is affectionate, inquisitive and eager to be around people. They are laid back, but playful and need to have their owners' attention. A scratch post is a necessary addition to the Burmillas' environment, as are toys to keep them amused. They are active cats, but not overly so and are still relaxed in nature. They are gentle and are sometimes vocal, though not so much as their Burmese relations.

Suitable for

Burmillas are suited to anyone, particularly families and the elderly seeking a companion.


Being groomed weekly to fortnightly will help to keep the Burmilla's fur looking nice and healthy, but it is not necessary.


The Burmilla cat is the result of the accidental mating of a lilac Burmese cat and silver Chinchilla. They have inherited the Chinchilla's colouring and the Burmese's overall shape and body type.