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California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat photo

Photograph by Flamingice007sg. License: Public Domain.

The California Spangle cat is a breed that was created to be long and sleek with a hunter's elegance, with its body low to the ground and with powerful legs. It is a well muscled cat with a slow stride and a sculpted face. The California Spangle's eyes are almond shaped and wide set, and its face is expressive and bright. The California Spangle's nose and muzzle are broad and The cat's spots are defined and solid against the coat, and they can be any shape - triangles, squares, ovals, circles - although "blocked" or rounded spots are preferable.




Gold, white, bronze, blue, charcoal, silver, red, brown, black.


California Spangle cats are loyal, inquisitive and love to be around their owners. They are friendly and affectionate while full of energy and love to play with humans and other cats. California Spangle cats love their toys and are said to play at 'hunting' them.

Suitable for

These cats are suitable for anyone and everyone. They are especially great pets for families as they love to be included.


In 1971, Paul Casey came up with the concept of a breed of cat that had a coat reminiscent of those of wild cats, so that people would think twice about wearing the skin of an animal which resembled their pet. The California Spangle was bred from a variety of existing breeds of cat, including some "street cats" from Cairo and Malaya. Casey's idea of creating a cat which was similar to the fashionable animal skins worked, and purchases of these skins dwindled.