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Chartreux Cat

Chartreux Cat photo

Photograph by Eudmian. License: Public Domain.

The Chartreux cat is large in size and has blue grey fur. Its eyes are generally copper, but range from this through to gold and orange, which is the desirable eye colour for the cat. Their fur is extremely dense and thick, is almost wool like in texture, and is relatively short. The Chartreux has a strong, robust build but is neither stout nor sleek. Males are more strongly built than females, which tend to be more elegant, and their fur is also thicker than that of females.




Blue grey


Chartreux cats are neither timid nor outgoing, but are content around the house. They love to 'hunt' and 'kill' their toys as they are natural hunters, but are also happy to be left alone for periods of time. Chartreux cats are loyal cats, and become very attached to their family, but they are also fine with strangers. They are friendly, amiable cats and are tolerant of other pets and of children.

Suitable for

Anyone who is interested can own a Chartreux cat, particularly families, as the cats are sociable and genial with children.


The Chartreux cat will need a lot of grooming as their thick fur becomes knotted easily. Grooming your cat will make its fur softer.


The Chartreux cats have been documented since the 16th century, when the "blue cats of France" were talked about. There was also talk of the cat being the "cat of Syria", which also had a blue grey pelt and copper eyes. The French and the Chartreux cats seemed to adopt each other and after the first World War, a breeding program was established in the US to preserve the Chartreux as it was described in 18th century text.