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Chausie Cat

Chausie Cat photo

F1 male Chausie
Photograph by Pschemp. Some rights reserved.

The Chausie cat resembles a wild jungle cat in both coat and size. In fact, the Chausie gets its name from the Jungle Cat from which it is descended: the Felis Chaus. They weigh twice (or even three times) as much as the average domestic cat, and are twice as tall. Males can weigh 9 kilos, with females being somewhat smaller. Chausies can be as tall as 45cm at the shoulders. They are twice as long as they are tall, and have a lean, wiry structure. They are known both for their speed, and for their ability to jump over two metres vertically. Their hind legs are powerful, and are slightly longer than their front legs.

Other Names

Stone Cougar, Jungle Curl, Mountain Cougar




Black, gold, silver-tipped melanistic


Chausies are sweet, even-tempered cats. They are very affectionate and loving towards their owners. “Dog-like” is a term often associated with Chausies, because they are so loyal and loving towards their owners. They are both active and intelligent animals, and love to play. They are tolerant of children and get along quite well with other pets.

Suitable for

The Chausie is suitable for any home with enough space for it to be active in. It shouldn’t be kept in an apartment or unit. Any type of family who can accommodate it space-wise would be suited to owning one.


The Chausie cat has its ancestry in the wild. It is a hybrid breed of the African Jungle Cat, and is a relatively new breed. It was only registered with the TICA in July 1995, and since then it has only grown in popularity.