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Colorpoint Shorthair Cat

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat photo

One year old Red Point Siamese
Photograph by Chris Wood. License: Public Domain.

The Colorpoint Shorthair's body is long, sleek and tan. The fur is occasionally white, however, and the cat has a long, tapered, swishy tail. The points of the cat are a different colour to that of the its body. (The points of a cat are its ears, face, tail and feet.) There are six recognised colours for a Colorpoint cat, and additionally, there are three different patterns for its fur. These patterns are tabby, tortoiseshell and particolor, and these can be any colour. The Colorpoint Shorthair cats have slanted almond shaped eyes and narrow, long, faces that are vaguely triangular.




Cinnamon, cream, red, silver, smoke, fawn


The Colorpoint Shorthair is an extremely extroverted cat, and it needs a lot of attention to be kept happy. These cats are outgoing, excited and sociable. They love to learn new things and are very inquisitive. Colorpoints are always happy around their families and other animals. They should also have toys with them as they are very active and playful animals.

Suitable for

People who are at home a lot. An absolute "NO!" for anyone who needs to leave the house often for long periods of time, unless there will be another pet around. These cats are great for families, however.


These cats are very closely related to the Siamese cats, as they are a hybridisation of them. The Colorpoint cats were created to have different colours on specific points of their bodies and were recognised as a breed in 1964.