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Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex photo

White Cornish Rex
Photograph by Paul Lewis. Some rights reserved.

The Cornish Rex cat has a wavy coat and is small to medium in size. The Rex has a relatively small head in proportion to its body, which is rather compact and disproportionate. The back curves upward whereas the waist is small and its hips are wide. The head looks a little too small, particularly with the large ears positioned right on top of it. The Cornish Rex's face is also small and its head is longer than it is wide. Its nose is roman. These cats have incredibly soft coats as they are missing the tougher guard hairs from their fur, and they have long slender legs.


Small to medium


All colours are accepted.


Cornish Rexes are extroverted people-cats. They are very active animals and enjoy playing with toys. They can behave like kittens quite often and like to chase and catch things. Rexes will jump straight into life in a family and are eager to be included in activities. They are certainly not 'trophy pets' and are truly members of the family.

Suitable for

The Cornish Rex is suitable for any prospective owner, particularly one who wants a companion who will participate in activities around the home.


In 1950, the first Cornish Rex kitten was born with curly fur in Cornwall, England. Two years later, another litter of kittens was born with yet another Cornish Rex cat, and following this there were more kittens born. Later, a pregnant cat was sent to the USA for a breeding programme, which produced and established the breed properly.