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Devon Rex

Devon Rex photo

Photograph by Pathfinder Linden. Some rights reserved.

The most distinctive feature of the Devon Rex is its curly, rippled coat. The Devon Rex has a small head with large ears, and the head is wedge shaped with full cheeks. Female Rexes tend to weigh around three kilograms whereas males are more between four and five kilograms. The Devon Rex is small to medium, and has a compact body with slightly longer legs and a brushy tail.


Small to medium


Devon Rexes come in all colours.


These cats are active, playful and extroverted. They make great play mates for other animals and for children as they are easily amused and very excitable. The Devon Rex is a very loyal cat and will follow 'its human' around dedicatedly. They will keep their families company the whole day, and when they can, will eat, drink and sleep with their families. The Devon Rex is not a demanding animal and is a pleasure to have around.

Suitable for

These cats are the ideal pets for families with children and for those living in apartments.


Devon Rex cats are very low maintenance animals.


The Devon Rex first appeared in Devon, England, as its name suggests, and was born with wavy, curly fur. This is because of the 'rex' gene, which means that the coat is wavy. The first Devon Rex kitten was born in 1960, and it grew to adulthood and had a litter of kittens which were also Rexes. The cats were bred and inbred until a breed was produced.