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Dragon Li Cat

Dragon Li Cat photo

Dragon Li Cat
Photograph by Definitive1. Some rights reserved.

The Dragon Li is also known as the "Li Hua Mau", the "Li Hua Mao" and the "Li Mao". It has strong, powerful body and thick, muscled legs. Its paws are round, and its tail is medium in length. The Dragon Li's coat is a unique golden-brown, broken mackerel tabby pattern. It has a round head and large, luminescent almond shaped eyes. Its eyes are either green or yellow. The ears are of medium size and rounded at the tips, with distinctive tipping. Its stature is somewhat reminiscent of its wild heritage.




The Dragon Li is remarkably intelligent and a good companion. These cats are very active and like to play. They are loyal pets, but not overly affectionate or vocal. However, they are not demanding. They are independent and get along well with other pets. They are tolerant of children.

Suitable for

Dragon Li cats are suited best to homes with space for them to be active in. They do not do well confined to an apartment or unit. While they tolerate children, they are not ideal pets for homes with young children. If the children are under the age of ten or so, the Dragon Li is probably not the ideal cat.


A light brush or comb every week or so will help to keep the Dragon Liís fur in good condition.


The Dragon Li is thought of as a natural self-domesticating breed, from the wildcat subspecies of the Chinese Mountain Cat, Felis silvestris bieti. It was first acknowledged in competition as a breed in late 2003.