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Egyptian Mau Cat

Egyptian Mau Cat photo

Photograph by Fleurdelilas. Some rights reserved.

The Egyptian Mau is a well proportioned cat which has a sleek body with a flap of skin over its stomach, and a rounded head. Its ears sit evenly on top and are well spaced and very large. The Mau's hind legs should be longer than its front ones, but it should walk evenly nonetheless. The legs are powerful and long, and the tail should also be long and taper down towards the end. The Mau has an "M" like marking on its forehead, which then turns into a stripe as it travels down the cat's back to the time of its tail. There should also be markings on the chest. The rest of the pattern on the Mau should consist of irregular spots. The Egyptian Mau comes in five colours, and no set patterns.




Silver, blue, black, smoke, bronze


The Egyptian Mau is an extremely timid cat. These animals tend to hide when new people arrive, taking any spot that is free: under furniture, into different rooms, behind curtains. If they are not trained to be social as kittens, Maus will tend to scratch, growl and hiss when put in awkward and new situations. However, when they are trained they will seek out the company of their family and follow them loyally.

Suitable for

The Maus are suitable for any household when they have been treated properly as kittens. If they have not been, it is not recommended for a family with small children to have one of these cats.


It is not known from where, or even when, the Egyptian Mau originated. However, popular belief dictates that the Mau is descended from African Wild Cats, as they bear a resemblance to each other and the Wild Cats have also inhabited the area where the Egyptian Mau was first discovered. Maus have been known to exist as domestic animals since 2200BC and, in Egypt, were revered so highly that anyone who killed a cat was then stoned to death. These cats were used for hunting and fishing as well as to offer companionship.