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European Shorthair Cat

European Shorthair Cat photo

Photograph by Ba'Gamnan. Some rights reserved.

The European Shorthair is a strong, robust, muscular cat, without looking stout or stumpy. Their fur is generally very short and sleek to touch and look at, and comes in many different colours and patterns. Patterns include tortie, tabby and solid colours. The European Shorthair's eyes can be a number of colours. They can be blue, green, amber, or have mismatched eyes.


Medium to large


Red, black, blue, cream, silver, smoke


As the European Shorthair has been produced from a number of different cats with different temperaments, it is hard to say exactly what characteristics any one cat may have. A lot of the temperament of the cat will depend on the animal, but in general, the European Shorthairs are intelligent, inquisitive and active cats, though they can be suspicious of strangers. They enjoy human company.

Suitable for

The European Shorthair cats are suitable for most homes, but not recommended for homes with young children as the temperament of each cat cannot be told when it is a kitten.


The European Shorthair is a hybridization of a number of different breeds from all across Europe. It is impossible to draw an origin from the breed as there are simply so many variations of it across Europe that have been bred from different cats. It became obvious, though, that the Scandinavian cats were looking drastically different to the other European Shorthair cats, so, as of 1982, only Scandinavian cats have been allowed the title "European Shorthair" as they have their own breed standards to be met.