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German Rex Cat

German Rex Cat photo

Photograph by M.Gerver. Some rights reserved.

The German Rex cat has a rounded head, with a slight dip out to the nose. Its whiskers are a little shorter than is usual and are vaguely curled. These cats have strong chins and alert, wide set eyes, with a bright colour that corresponds to the colour of the coat. The cat has a powerful, muscular body with a rounded chest and a straight back. Their paws are relatively large and rounded; the tail is long and tapering. The Rex's coat is shaggy and curly while soft and silky to touch.


Medium to large


All but lilac, chocolate and colorpoint.


The German Rex is a calm, good-natured cat. It is amiable and friendly towards its owners and is an affectionate animal. It is loyal and enjoys the company of other animals and humans. These cats are patient and playful, and make wonderful family pets. They love to play and like to chase and catch toys with their owners. They are not easily bored, but are content to stay at homes.

Suitable for

The German Rex is a cat suitable for any family and environment.


These cats do not need a lot of care, but grooming every few weeks will help to keep their coats soft and velvety.


The German Rex was originally born in the year 1950, and bred intentionally in 1957. After a few years, the breed became more popular and well established after breeding and inbreeding, but in the 1970s, the breed began to become rarer. There are currently breeders working to restore the numbers of the breed.