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Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese Bobtail Cat photo

Japanese bobtail cat has a very short tail
Photograph by Chris 73. Some rights reserved.

The Japanese Bobtail cat is a well-muscled cat of medium size. Its distinguishing feature it its short, bunny-like tail, for which it is named. The base colour of the coat can be white, black, or red. They can also have patches of colour in white, red, or tortoiseshell. The Japanese Bobtail cats have large, oval eyes and pointed ears that are at right angles to their heads. The coat is of medium length, and is silky to touch. The paws are round, and their bodies are slender.




Red, black, white, black and white, red and white and tortoiseshell.


Japanese Bobtails are intelligent, outgoing and playful cats. They love to be around people, and are often called the "singing cats" because they are very vocal. Their voices aren't loud, but they will often let out a series of meows. They are extremely loyal and will follow their owners around the house. Bobtails will play for as long as their owners will play with them, and love to play fetch and chase after toys. They are particularly good pets to have with small children in the house as they are extroverted, but placid enough.

Suitable for

Japanese Bobtail cats are ideal pets for anyone living in an apartment, has small children or wants a cat that will be a true companion and likes to play.


These cats need little maintenance if they are the short haired variety. The longhaired variety will need regular brushing to keep their fur from matting.


The Japanese Bobtail first came to Japan, China or Korea more than one thousand years ago. Ever since arrival in Japan, these cats have been loved by the Japanese people, and depicted in paintings, sculptures and prints. There are many myths about the breed, one of which is the maneki-neko, a ceramic model of the Japanese Bobtail which sits on its hind legs and waves a paw. It can be seen at the entrances to many Japanese houses, symbolising good luck and welcoming. It is said that these cats were originally kept on farm to keep rodents and vermin away.

More Japanese Bobtail Cat Pictures
Japanese Bobtail Cat photo

female Japanese bobtail
Photograph by jonny-mt. Some rights reserved.