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Javanese Cat

Javanese Cat photo

adult Javanese cat
Photograph by Starjely. Some rights reserved.

Javanese cats are much the same as Siamese as far as appearance goes. However, unlike the Siamese cats, they usually have green eyes (though they can be blue) and are long haired cats Their fur is fluffy and silky to touch, and their tails are plumed. The Javanese cats have no undercoat, which means that there is minimal matting in the fur, which lies close to the skin. These cats come in the same colours as their Siamese counterparts: lilac, blue, chocolate and seal. They can have a solid colour, tabby or have colourpoints. The Javanese cat has a wedge shaped head with pointed ears and are long and slender animals.




Blue, chocolate, lilac, and seal in solid colours, tortie and in colourpoints.


These cats are intelligent and energetic cats. They are curious and outgoing animals, who like to investigate everything around the house. They are very talkative, and like to meow a lot to their owners. Their voices are very loud, and they will not miss an opportunity to talk to people. Javanese cats are easily amused, and toys are a must as they love to play with things. They can, however, be unintentionally destructive by using household objects for toys if they don't have their own. They are amiable around children and love people.

Suitable for

The Javanese cat is ideal for anyone who wants a companion cat, who has small children or wants an energetic pet. They are probably not the best apartment cats, and aren't very suited to people who are out a lot of the time.


These longhaired cats will not need much grooming despite their longs coats, although a brush once a week should keep their fur looking nice.


The Javanese cat originated as a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese breed. The Javanese have long hair, unlike the Siamese, and the breed was separated from its parent breed in the 1940s after selective breeding to keep the longhaired gene in the cats. The original breeders who maintained the Javanese cats were California's Marion Dorsey and New York's Helen Smith.

More Javanese Cat Pictures
Javanese Cat photo

Blue Lynx Point Javanese Cats - Adult and Kitten Females
Photograph by Starjely. Some rights reserved.