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Korat Cat

Korat Cat photo

Photograph by M. La Roche. Some rights reserved.

The Korat is a sleek, medium sized cat. Their coats are blue, though they are unlike other cats of this variety. The roots of the hairs are a light bluish colour, while the tips are silver. This "silvering" all over the body gives the cat the appearance of having an aura as the short, close-lying hair seems to shimmer.

Korats have large ears and very large bright green eyes. (Though, like all kittens, their eyes are blue at birth.) Their tails do not plume, but become thinner and more delicate towards the end. Their hairs do not fall out when being stroked and touched, so they are tolerable to people with allergies to cat hair.

They are considered lucky by the people of Thailand, from whence they originate. The Korat has amazing senses of smell, sight and hearing.






Korats are very placid cats, and make gentle, loving pets. They move timidly and cautiously, and dislike loud or sudden noises. These cats are very loyal and very affectionate. They enjoy being held and cuddled, and like human contact in general. It is easy for them to establish loving bonds with their owners. They get along with other cats, but are protective of being “top cat”. Korats are active and playful, and love to use toys.

Suitable for

These cats are suitable for anyone, particularly for those with young families as they are very gentle with children. They are also suitable for households where there are people with allergies to cat hair, as they tend not to moult badly.


The earliest record of Korats in society dates from the 1300s, where they were found in The Cat-Book Poems which can be found in Bangkok’s National Library. King Rama V of Thailand is supposed to have named the breed after Korat, where it originated. Korats are believed to bring good luck, fortune, good crops and successful marriage.

More Korat Cat Pictures
Korat Cat photo

Korat cat family
Photograph by Max BOUCHE. Some rights reserved.