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LaPerm Cat

LaPerm Cat photo

Photograph by Bebopscrx. Some rights reserved.

LaPerm cats are small animals with curly fur and long curly whiskers. Their heads are small and somewhat triangular, and their almond-shaped eyes are set quite widely on their faces. They have very strong and prominent chins, and in the profile view, there is a small indent in the nose. They have medium sized ears which are large at the base and taper up to a rounded tip, which may be lynx-like. They are right on top of the head. As with most cats, the LaPerm's hind legs are slightly longer than its front legs, and they are long but powerful. They are born with either curly fur, or bald. Cats born with curly fur will likely keep it for life. If it is bald but has curly whiskers then it will probably be curly. Though, if it is born with a straight coat then it will most likely stay that way for the life of the cat. They can come in both long haired and short haired varieties. Both males and females will have ruffles around their necks when they are mature.




All are acceptable.


LaPerm cats have great temperaments and very easy-going natures, which makes them really good family pets. They are extremely affectionate and will seek human contact at every opportunity. They purr constantly and love to be picked up, and enjoy being draped over shoulders and will rub their owner's face with their paws and their own faces. They have quiet voices, but can be vocal and meow when they want to be noticed. LaPerms are also very eager to play, and can be trained to play fetch, amongst other tricks. They love to know what is going on around them, and are very inquisitive.

Suitable for

These cats make fantastic pets for families, people living in apartments, and the elderly.


LaPerms will need grooming a few times a week to make sure that the coat doesn't get tangled or matted, due to its curly nature. The longhaired variety will need brushing almost every day.


LaPerm cats came into existence through a natural mutation, which caused the first LaPerm's fur to be curly. The gene is dominant, unlike in Devon and Cornish Rexes, where it is recessive. In 1982 on a farm in The Dalles, Oregon in the USA, Linda Koehl found a bald kitten in her cat's new litter. The gene being dominant and the kitten being part of a large cohort of cats, the Rex gene soon spread through the whole colony. There were other isolated cases for years later until the cats were selectively bred.

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LaPerm Cat photo

Photograph by Bebopscrx. Some rights reserved.