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Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat photo

Photograph by Harald Wehner. License: Public Domain.

Maine Coon cats are large animals, with squared jaws and bright, round eyes. They have high cheekbones and large ears which have tufts on them. The Maine Coon's body is strong and muscular, as are the legs. Their paws are large and round, and the coat is thick, long and shaggy with a neck ruffle and a long, plumed tail. They are normally tabby, but can also be almost anything else but colourpointed. Maine Coons come in tortie, bicolour, tabby-torties and shadeds.




Tabby, tortie, tabby-tortie, shaded, bicolour.


Maine Coons are placid, amiable cats who are gentle, easy going and not demanding in the slightest. They like people, but aren't lap cats, and enjoy being outdoors just as much as in. These cats are playful and light hearted, and remain kitten like for their whole lives. Maine Coons are not very vocal cats, and have fairly soft voices. They will sometimes meow to their owners, however. They like to play, but some of these cats also like to hunt. Maine Coons are said good at catching mice, and even hares because they are so large, although most are not interested in hunting. They get along well with their families and other pets in the household.

Suitable for

Maine Coon cats are great pets for anyone with small children and other pets, and make good cats to keep in apartments. They are also good companion cats.


They don't need much maintenance, but a brush once a week will help keep the coat from matting and tangling. These cats are also said to be very tough and not susceptible to many illnesses.


The Maine Coon cat is an old North American breed, although its origin is relatively hazy. There are many stories about how the breed came into existence, but the most widely accepted theory is that a domestic shorthair cat and longhaired cat (perhaps an Angora) were crossed and brought into America by seafarers or Vikings. It is thought that the Maine Coon originated in the state of Maine, and was declared the Maine State Cat in October, 1985.