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Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat photo

Photograph by Aliquantulus. License: Public Domain.

The Norwegian Forest cat is large and fluffy with soft, silky fur. Its face is quite wide and somewhat triangular. Its ears are average in size and pointed. These cats have bright green eyes and quite powerful builds beneath their thick coats. Their tails plume out and have longer hairs than their bodies. These cats have long whiskers and their hind legs are longer than their front ones. The ones with lighter fur have denser coats, which is to keep them warm better. Norwegian Forest cats have "manes", which are ruffs around their necks that are very impressive. However, they may disappear in the warmer months due to moulting. Males can weigh up to 10 kilograms. Females, around 6.




All (excepting seal point and chocolate)


Norwegian Forest cats are friendly and affectionate. Like most cats, they want to be included in family activities and consider themselves members of the family. Norwegian Forest cats are good with people, and with children. They are not lap cats, but do like to rub up against their owners, and ask them for attention with meows. They like to play, but are not overly hyperactive cats. They can be kept indoors or outdoors, and outdoor cats near streams will actually fish. They are known to be able to climb down trees head-first.

Suitable for

These cats are suitable for everyone.


Known in Norway as the skoggkatt (literally, forest cat), these cats did actually originate in Scandinavia about 4000 years ago. The Forest Cat was an obscure breed until the 1970s, when a group of cat fanciers began to breed them. Since then, their popularity has risen a lot.