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Ocicat photo

Chocolate Spotted Ocicat
Photograph by Check-Six. License: Public Doamin.

The Ocicat is a man-made breed which was designed to be a domestic imitation of a wild cat, like a leopard or a cheetah. They have powerful builds and long tails, but their defining feature is their unique and exotic spotted pattern. Their coats are short and sleek. The Ocicat has large ears and bright eyes, with an alert look about its face.




Despite its wild appearance, the Ocicat is a gentle cat that is absolutely devoted to its owners. It is not a demanding pet, and won’t cling to its owner, and is quite a confident animal. They are extroverted and fun loving cats, and are always ready to play with their owners or with toys. They can be easily trained and will fetch things. They are very adaptable pets, but shouldn’t be left alone for periods of time, as they are very social animals.

Suitable for

Ocicats are suitable for anyone. They are good family cats as they are calm and good with children. They require little to no regular maintenance, making them good for busy owners.


The Ocicat was discovered unexpectedly in 1964 when an experimental breeding program involving Siamese, American Shorthair and Abyssinian cats. The first Ocicat, Tonga, was sold as a pet. It wasn’t until a geneticist, Dr. Clyde Keeler, showed interest in seeing a domestic cat that could mimic wild cats, that the breeding of Ocicats commenced.