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Ojos Azules Cat

Ojos Azules Cat photo

Ojos Azules Cat
Photograph by Marianne Perdomo. Some rights reserved.

The Ojos Azules breed is extremely rare. It is defined by its bright blue eyes which are not linked to coat colour. It used to be that blue eyes in cats were found only when the coat was white or colourpoint, but the Ojos Azules breed, blue or odd coloured eyes are present irrespective of the colour of the coat. Ojos Azules cats are available in any colour, there is white patching on peripheral parts of the body, such as the tip of the tail, and the feet. This is a common manifestation of the gene found in Ojos cats. Less white is generally desirable, except in colourpoint varieties, when it is essential to illustrate that the cat is a true Ojos and that the blue eyes are not simply a result of the colourpointing, but of the breed.






Ojos Azules cats are sweet in nature and are affectionate pets. They are docile and placid, and enjoy spending their time indoors. They get on well with other pets, with the exception of boisterous dogs. They are good with children, but can be intimidated by more outgoing young children.

Suitable for

These cats are suited to owners living in apartments, as they prefer being indoors. They are not recommended for families with boisterous children or aggressive (or overenthusiastic) dogs.


The Ojos Azules is a relatively new breed. It was bred in the United States of America in the 1980s and early 1990s. The breed is descended from a New Mexican cat by the name of Cornflower, which was born in 1984. It is only accepted as a Preliminary New Breed by the TICA.

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Ojos Azules Cat photo

Ojos Azules Cats
Photograph by Marianne Perdomo. Some rights reserved.