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Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat photo

Ebony Silver Ticked Tabby and White female
Photograph by Cats rule. License: Public Domain.

The Oriental Shorthair cat is a sleek, slim animal that comes in an enormous variety of colours and patterns - the number of variations is over 300. They are characterized by their huge ears and thin frame, along with a very long tail. Despite their lean bodies, the Oriental Shorthairs are energetic and muscular. They are not at all weak or frail of body, and are surprisingly graceful for what would appear to be a gangly bone structure.




cream, lavender, cinnamon, ebony, chestnut, blue, white, red, fawn


These cats are very intelligent and very social creatures. They are curious and affectionate, and want to be very involved in everything their owners do. They are playful and active and very high spirited cats, who love to interact with their owners and their surroundings. Oriental Shorthair Cats are very loyal to their people, and remain energetic and easily pleased beyond their youth. However, they do need to be shown affection or they will become depressive.

Suitable for

Oriental Shorthairs are suitable for most people, but are most suited to a family lifestyle as they love to be so involved with everything that happens. They are especially good with young children as they have such an even temper. They should not be owned by people who go away often, as they need regular attention.


They do not need any special care to maintain their health or coats.


The Oriental Shorthair cats originated from the Siamese breed. After years of deviation from the Siamese cats, the cats were established as a separate breed in 1977 by the CFA.

More Oriental Shorthair Cat Pictures
Oriental Shorthair Cat photo

Ebony White Bicolor male Oriental Shorthair
Photograph by Cats rule. License: Public Domain.