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Persian Cat

Persian Cat photo

Persian Cat
Photograph by Andreas Koll. Some rights reserved.

Persian cats have been around for thousands of years, and they are perhaps the most popular breed of cat. They have long, silky coats with large ruffs on the chest. The Persian's body is heavily boned, and the cat is well balanced. These cats are very agile and move gracefully, despite their muscular appearance. Their bodies are cobby, which means that they are short, chunky and solidly built, with thick legs. They have large, round heads, and big round eyes. Their ears are widely spaced and rounded at the tips. The tail is long and thick, pluming at the end.




Solid colour, silver and golden, shaded and smoke, tabby, particolor, bicolour, Himalayan.


Persians are docile, quiet and adaptable cats. They are very laid-back and happy-go-lucky animals, which makes them a very pleasant addition to any household. They often meow softly to their owners. Persian cats are extremely affectionate and loving pets, and get along well with family members of all ages. They are not overtly playful, but are enthusiastic about household life and like to be involved. They are wonderful companion cats.

Suitable for

Persian cats are suitable for any household as they are good with young children and other pets.


Persians will need to be groomed daily with a metal comb to prevent it tangling and matting. They will need to be bathed occasionally.


There have been records of Persian cats in the Middle East dating back to 1684 BC. However, it is said that in the 17th century, European explorers brought back the ancestors of today’s Persians from the Middle East.

More Persian Cat Pictures
Persian Cat photo

White Persian
Photograph by Paukens. License: Public Domain.