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Pixie-bob Cat

Pixie-bob Cat photo

Pixie-bob Cat
Photograph by Nathalie Bent. Some rights reserved.

The Pixie-Bob is a medium-large breed of domestic cat that can be either shorthair or longhair. Their bodies are rangy and muscular with heavy bone structures and their hind legs are longer than the front. They have big paws and thick toes, while many are polydactyl. The minimum tail length of a Pixie-Bob is 2 inches and can be as long as the hock. Pixie-Bobs' overall appearance resembles that of bobcats. They reach full growth in 3 years instead of 1 which is the standard for most breeds of domestic cat. Adult males weigh 12-17 pounds while females 8-12 pounds. Pixie-Bob cats have medium-large heads in the shape of inverted wide pears. Their ears are of medium height, rounded at the top and, sometimes, have a lynx tipping. Their eyes are medium sized, not too far apart from each other and are usually colored gold, brown or green. Their coats are soft and wooly to the touch.




Pixie-Bobs come in all shades of brown spotted tabby.


Pixie-Bobs are social animals and form strong bonds with their owners. They are loyal, confident and assertive cats. They follow their owners around and want to be involved in whatever it is they are doing. They are intelligent and can easily be trained to follow the house rules, walk on a leash or play fetch. Finally, Pixie-Bobs are loving, affectionate cats that love the companion of others, including children and other pets. They have soft, chirpy voices, but usually keep quiet.

Suitable for

Pixie-Bobs can easily adapt to living in flats as they are generally indoors cats. They require interaction with their owners so they would best be suited to someone who can spend time with them and give them plenty of affection.


The Pixie-Bob is a hardy breed, therefore has no special care requirements. Some concerns have been expressed about the effect certain vaccines may have on some Pixie-Bobs. It is advisable that owners of this breed consult both the breeder and the vet about their cats' vaccine plan.


The Pixie-Bob is an American breed. It all started when a bobcat mated with a short tailed, polydactyl barn cat in the spring of 1985. Carol Ann Brewer purchased a male, polydactyl kitten from the litter and started breeding him. The Pixie-Bob breed was accepted by TICA in 1993.

More Pixie-bob Cat Pictures
Pixie-bob Cat photo

Short-haired Pixie-Bob cats
Photograph by Nathalie Bent. Some rights reserved.