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Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat photo

Russian Blue Cat
Photograph by Kabir Bakie. Some rights reserved.

The Russian Blue is a medium sized, shorthaired breed of domestic cat. Russian Blues have long, graceful bodies, with fine and high legs and small and oval paws. Their weight ranges from 7-12 pounds. Russian Blues have short wedged heads, with large, pointed ears that hardly have any hair on their inside. They have large, almond shaped eyes, set widely apart on their skull; these are colored a vivid green. The most prominent feature of a Russian Blue is its short, dense, fine double coat; this feels silky to the touch and is of an even blue color with silver tips.




The only color is blue-gray with a distinct silver sheen.


The Russian Blue is a gentle, affectionate breed. These cats form strong bonds with their owners, although they tend to be shy around strangers. They are highly sensitive to the mood of their beloved owners and will often sit patting their faces when they appear to be sad. They get along with children and other pets and are very playful. Russian Blues are very intelligent animals as there have been reports of them opening doors or playing fetch with their owners. Despite their active nature, they generally keep quiet and are soft spoken.

Suitable for

Due to their gentle nature, Russian Blues are perfect family pets and are suited to indoor life. They are not attention seekers like other cat breeds and could be left alone for long hours as they will find ways to entertain themselves. As such, they would make perfect pets for people with busy schedules.


Russian Blues need to have their coats brushed once or twice a week. Other than that they require no special care. There have not been found any breed specific genetic problems and Russian Blues are not prone to illness. One health concern is that they tend to weight gain easily, so their food intake should be monitored.


The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring breed that originates from the Archangel Isles in northern Russia (this is why it is also known as Archangel Blue). It was first introduced by sailors in northern Europe in the 1860's. By 1912 the Russian Blue had been given a class of its own in cat shows.

More Russian Blue Cat Pictures
Russian Blue Cat photo

1 year old Russian Blue male cat.
Photograph by Tkeiger. Some rights reserved.

Russian Blue Cat photo

Two russian cats
Photograph by Alexanderwdark. Some rights reserved.