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Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat photo

Savannah Cat
Photograph by Jason Douglas. License: Public Domain.

The Savannah cat is a hybrid breed, a cross between a Serval and a domestic cat. It is a tall, lean and graceful breed with a long, well built body. Adult Savannahs can become quite heavy, with males ranging from 15-30 pounds and females from 9-17 pounds. Due to their attenuated height and length, Savannahs sometimes appear heavier than they are. Savannahs have exceptionally long legs, neck and ears and medium length tails. They have quite small heads for their size. Their eyes are hooded and give them the exotic look of their Serval ancestors.




The background coat colors may vary from red to yellow gold. They have large black spots on their bodies and large black stripes on their necks and ears.


Savannahs are as loyal as dogs. They are extremely social, like to follow their owners around and form strong bonds with them. They get along with children and other pets and are very playful. They will usually be the Alpha pets in a multi pet family. As they are extremely energetic, they tend to tire out other pets when playing with them. Savannahs are intelligent and can learn to walk on a leash and play fetch just like dogs. A trait unique to Savannah cats is that they can jump extremely high. Unlike most cat breeds, many Savannahs like to play in the water. Savannahs may either chirp like a Serval, meow like a domestic cat or both.

Suitable for

Savannahs are excellent fits for multi pet families, especially if the other pets are dogs. They are extremely energetic and require an outdoor space in which to run and play.


There have not been found any breed specific health problems in Savannahs. There are some disputes as to how much taurine and protein Savannahs need in their diets, so it would be best to consult a veterinarian prior to forming a diet plan.


The first Savannah cat was produced in 1886 by Bengal breeder Judee Frank who crossed a Serval with a Siamese cat. Other breeders became interested in the Savannah breed and, after years of breeding, it was eventually accepted by TICA in 2001.

More Savannah Cat Pictures
Savannah Cat photo

Close-up of a 4-month old Savannah cat, showing the occelli on the back of the ears and tear-stain markings down the side of the nose.
Photograph by Jason Douglas. License: Public Domain.