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Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat photo

Lilac Scottish Fold cat
Photograph by Kostj. Some rights reserved.

Scottish Folds are medium sized cats that can be either shorthaired or longhaired; the latter are also known as Highland Folds. They have muscular, rounded bodies and thick, double coats. Adult males weigh 9-13 pounds while females 6-9 pounds. The Scottish Folds' most prominent feature is their ears. These are small and folded forward and down giving them an owl like appearance. Some cats have triple folds that cause their ears to lie flat on their heads. Their ears make their heads look round and, along with their large round eyes and round whisker pads, contribute the Folds' overall round appearance.




Scottish Folds come in all colour combinations except for the pointed colours.


Scottish Folds are friendly, sweet natured cats. Although they are affectionate and love their owners, they usually prefer to lie close to them than in their laps. They are excellent hunters and very playful. They have sweet, chirpy voices but are usually quiet and not very vocal. Folds are laid back, relaxed cats and love sleeping flat on their backs.

Suitable for

They can be kept both indoors and outdoors and get along with others, including other pets and children. They don't like being left alone for long periods of time, so they would best suit people that don't work long hours.


The ears are delicate and should be treated with care and cleaned thoroughly as they are prone to ear mite infections. Scottish Folds are prone to obesity so special care should be taken regarding their diet. Breeding related health problems include polycystic kidney disease, cardiomyopathy and osteochondritis, so it is recommended that Scottish Folds are taken frequently to the vet for check-ups.


The breed was developed in 1961 by farmers Mary and William Ross, in Scotland. The original Scottish Fold was a barn cat, Susie. In the early years, the Scottish Fold was largely rejected in the UK as there was a widespread notion that folded ears were the cause of impaired health. As a result, a breeding program was developed across the pond and Folds started gaining popularity.

More Scottish Fold Cat Pictures
Scottish Fold Cat photo

solid white Scottish fold
Photograph by Jwang01. Some rights reserved.