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Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat photo

sealpoint Siamese cat.
Photograph by Yannbee. License: Public Domain.

The Siamese cat is one of the most elegant and graceful breeds of domestic cat. It has a medium sized, muscular, thin, flexible and long body with a fine, thin coat. Its legs and tail are long and fine while its paws are small and oval shaped. Adult males weigh 11-15 pounds and females 8-11 pounds. Siamese cats have medium sized, wedged shaped heads, decorated by their characteristic almond shaped, bright blue eyes and their large and pointed ears. The pointed coat makes Siamese cats look mask faced; the coat is also pointed on the ears, legs and tail.




Siamese cats come in pointed colors; the most common are seal, blue, lilac and chocolate points.


They are very social, people centered cats and they will usually form a strong bond with only one particular individual. They enjoy cuddling and are affectionate, loving and loyal to their owners but at the same time very demanding; they always have to be at the centre of attention and they can be very vocal about it. Their meow has been compared to the cries of a human baby. Siamese cats are intelligent and playful animals that can learn to walk on a leash or even play fetch. They tend to sheath their claws when playing with people.

Suitable for

The breed is compatible both with children and other pets, and they fit perfectly in a family. As they are constantly demanding attention and are very active, they are best suited to people that don't spend too much time away from home and can spend quality time with their cats.


Except for the constant need for attention, they don't have any special care requirements. There are few records of breed specific health issues. They tend to be susceptible to upper respiratory tract disease so it is recommended that they are provided with warm and dry resting places.


The Siamese is an oriental breed; its most likely place of origin is Thailand (formerly known as Siam). While there have been records of Siamese cats dating back to the 14th century, the first to ever enter Europe was in 1871. In the United States, the first Siamese was presented as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hays from the American Consul in Bangkok in 1879.

More Siamese Cat Pictures
Siamese Cat photo

Lilac Point Thai cat
Photograph by Francesca Pinto. Some rights reserved.