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Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat photo

Siberian cat
Photograph by Mstachul. Some rights reserved.

The Siberian is a large, semilonghair breed of domestic cat. Siberians have muscular, well boned bodies with powerful necks and broad chests. Their legs are of medium height and their paws are large, round and tufted between the toes. Adult males weigh between 15-20 pounds and females 10-15 pounds. It can take up to 5 years for a Siberian cat to reach its full growth potential. Siberian cats have large, rounded heads with medium sized ears and broad noses. They have large, oval shaped eyes that are set widely apart; their eyes come in all colors. Siberians have very dense coats with summer coat distinctly shorter than the winter coat.




Comes in all color varieties, except for the pointed colors.


Siberian cats have often been described as the dogs of the cat world. They are gentle natured, friendly and extremely devoted to their owners. They love human contact and are particularly fond of children. They will respond to their owners' calls and engage in conversation with them, using their soft, chirpy voices. Siberians are always up for a good rub or scratch by their owners and can sit purring in their laps for hours.

Suitable for

The coat is considered by some to be hypo-allergenic. Although there is little scientific evidence to support this statement, many breeders and pet owners have claimed that Siberians are safer for allergy sufferers. Siberians may also be suitable for people looking for a pet that combines dog temperament and cat independence.


Siberian cats have very dense coats and can cope with harsh winter conditions. Although they do well in cold weather, they prefer warmth and coziness just like any other cat and should be kept inside when the temperature is below -10 C. Siberians coming from responsible breeders are considered to be one of the healthiest cat breeds available. This of course doesn't mean that routine veterinary check ups should be skipped. Brushing your Siberian's dense, long coat once or twice a week is recommended as it helps reduce hairballs.


The cat originates in Russia and has been around for at least one thousand years. It is one of the three breeds known as Forest Cats (the other two being the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon). The Siberian is Russia's national cat and a lot of myths are associated with it. Although it has been around for centuries, the Siberian breed was imported to the United States only recently, in 1990.

More Siberian Cat Pictures
Siberian Cat photo

A 5 month old silver mackerel siberian cat
Photograph by Jonathane. Some rights reserved.