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Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat photo

Singapura Cat
Photograph by Squeezeweasel. Some rights reserved.

The Singapura is a small to medium-sized, shorthaired domestic cat breed. Adult males usually weigh 6-8 pounds while females 5-6 pounds. Singapura cats have muscular bodies, with strong legs and small oval feet. They have rounded heads with large, pointed ears. Their eyes are large, almond shaped and can be either hazel, green or yellow. Both their ears and eyes are noticeably larger than their heads. The coat is fine, short and silky.


Small to medium-sized.


The most common coat color is dark brown on an ivory background.


Singapuras are very people oriented cats, extrovert and social. They are extremely curious and with their large eyes and ears never miss much of what is going on around them. Singapuras are playful and this trait usually remains well into adulthood. Although playful, they are not the type that will damage the furniture. Furthermore, Singapuras are extremely sensitive to their owners' moods and will usually adjust their behavior to the circumstances.

Suitable for

Singapuras are suitable for indoor living. They make great family pets and get along with children provided that the children do not tease them a lot. Singapuras require a lot of attention so they would best suit someone that could spend a lot time with them. Being extremely playful, Singapuras like having a playmate, usually another cat, so they would do well in a multi-pet household.


The cat is an average shedder, requiring brushing every other day. A health condition that exists in some female cats is uterine inertia. This is the inability to give birth naturally due to weak muscles.


This naturally occurring breed, originating in Singapore. The first Singapuras were imported in the United States by Hal and Tommy Meadow in the mid-seventies. In 1981 the Singapura was accepted for registration status by the CFA.