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Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cat photo

Snowshoe Cat
Photograph by Cooseman22. Some rights reserved.

The Snowshoe is an elegant, foreign type domestic cat breed. It is related to the Siamese breed and this is evident in its coat markings and especially in the inverted V on the face. Snowshoes have long, firm bodies with medium bone and muscle structures. Their hind legs are slightly higher than the front and their paws are oval shaped. Their heads are wedge shaped, with rounded tops and slightly flat foreheads. Their ears are medium sized and always alert. Their eyes are walnut shaped, medium sized and slanted to the base of the ears; they are always blue. Snowshoes are shorthaired cats, with smooth and glossy coats.




They come in almost all pointed colors; ears, mask, legs and tail are all pointed. Their body color is usually a paler tone of the color of the points. Their most notable feature is their white shoe pattern. All four feet are white, usually halfway through the leg.


Snowshoes are affectionate, loving cats. They bond very well with their owners and are big on tactile communication with them. Snowshoes are playful, intelligent and can be taught a number of tricks. They usually love water and wouldn't mind being bathed. They might be shy around strangers but if properly socialized as kittens, they can learn to get along with almost anyone, including other pets. Snowshoes do express themselves vocally however their voices are not as loud or persistent as the Siamese's.

Suitable for

Ideal pets for people who want a lap cat, as they love affection and attention. This also means that their owners should be around long enough to give them the attention they require.


Undergoes seasonal shedding and cleaning after it is very easy. It does not require frequent grooming. Snowshoes don't have any special care requirements. Moreover, no breed specific health problems have been found yet.


The Snowshoe is a relatively new breed of domestic cat, originating in the United States. In the late 1960's Siamese breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty produced a litter of white-footed Siamese kittens, hence the name Snowshoe. She tried to have the new breed registered, but all she accomplished was to have it approved for exhibition. Other breeders took interest in the Snowshoe as well and after years of trying, in 1982 the breed was officially recognized for championship status in CFF.