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Sokoke Cat

Sokoke Cat photo

Sokoke male
Photograph by SHD. Some rights reserved.

The Sokoke is a medium sized domestic cat breed that looks like an ocelot. It has a slender, well muscled body with a strong bone structure and moves differently to most domestic cats; its movements resemble those of a cheetah. Its legs are longer than most domestic cat breeds. Although the Savannah is a larger domestic cat breed, it resembles the Sokoke in its posture and in the way the spine bends at an angle instead of being gently curved. The head appears small in relation to its body. Its ears are medium sized and broad at the base. Its eyes are large, set widely apart and slightly slanted. The breed's coat is short, lying close to the body and glossy.




The Sokoke stands out for its blotched, tabby patterned coat. This ranges in color from light to dark brown.


The Sokoke is an independent yet affectionate cat. It is a very loyal cat and tends to bond closely to one particular person. While they like spending time with their owners, Sokoke cats are not likely to spend their lives as lap cats. They are very active and love playing and being involved in everything. They are very intelligent and can be easily trained.

Suitable for

This cat would be ideal for someone who enjoys playing with an active cat or even training it. Being independent, Sokoke cats do not mind being left on their own as they can easily entertain themselves, so they would suit people with busy schedules. Sokoke cats are good fits both for families and multi pet household as they get along both with children and other pets.


Sokoke cats are generally low maintenance. They enjoy being brushed, however they require little grooming. They have no breed specific health problems. One particular concern with this breed is that the coat is thin and, in colder climates, they get cold easier than other domestic cat breeds with denser coats. It is advisable to keep them extra warm in the winter.


This naturally occurring domestic cat breed, originated in Kenya, Africa. Sokoke cats have lived in African forests for a long time co-existing with human tribes. The breed was discovered by wildlife artist Jeni Slater in 1978. She imported the first kittens in Denmark in fear that the breed would become extinct in Kenya. More cats were imported in other parts of the world and the foundation of the breed was created. In 1994 FIFe recognized the Sokoke as a championship breed.