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Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat photo

Sphynx Cat
Photograph by Mike Joa. Some rights reserved.

The Sphynx is a medium sized breed of domestic cat, famous for its naked appearance. Although they appear to be hairless, in reality many Sphynx are covered by a soft, fine down. Their wrinkled skin often gives a feeling of resistance when stroking them. Adult males weigh between 8-10 pounds and females 6-8 pounds. They have long, muscular bodies, wedged heads and prominent cheekbones. Their ears are large, rounded at the tips and completely hairless on the inside. The eyes are lemon shaped and come in a variety of colors. Their general lack of hair is also evident on the whiskers and eyebrows; these are rarely whole and usually broken or completely absent.




The Sphynx's skin comes in all patterns and colors (solid, pointed, tabby etc) their fur would come in.


They are friendly, social animals and one of the most affectionate breeds of domestic cat. However they do enjoy the company of other dogs or cats as well. The Sphynx are attention seekers and will perform any mischief imaginable to draw their owners' attention. They are intelligent, playful animals and can learn to respond to voice commands.

Suitable for

These animals are very active cats and not suited to people looking for a quiet animal. They love being the center of attention so, like most pedigree cats, they would thrive in the company of a person that could spend a lot of time with them. Sphynx might also be suited to people allergic to cat hair.


The Sphinx are fairly high maintenance cats. They secrete body oils that their furs would normally absorb, so they need frequent bathing. Due to their lack of fur, they might require extra heating during the winter months to keep them warm. Care should be taken not to leave a Sphynx cat unattended outdoors, as this could be detrimental to its health; during the winter its lack of fur could cause it to freeze outside, while during the summer its sensitive skin could get sunburned.


Although over the past century there have been records of hairless cats all around the world, their intentional breeding didn't start until 1966 in Canada (this is why the Sphynx is also known as Canadian hairless). A hairless kitten born to a domestic shorthair in Toronto sparked interest in developing what is known today as the Sphynx breed. From the 70's onwards, the breed was mainly developed in Europe.

More Sphynx Cat Pictures
Sphynx Cat photo

Photograph by Peter Mollard. License: Public Domain.