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Ukrainian Levkoy Cat

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat photo

Ukrainian Levkoy cat
Photograph by Alena Ivanchuk. Some rights reserved.

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cat breed of a very original appearance. These cats are medium sized with long, slender and muscular bodies. They have a hairless appearance, although, much like other hairless cat breeds, their bodies are covered in a fine down-like coat. Their skin is wrinkled and has been described to feel like chamois to the touch. Levkoy cats have long heads with prominent cheekbones. Their ears are large and set widely apart; they are folded forward and down, but do not touch the head. Their eyes are large, almond shaped and can come in any color. Their weight range is 8-16 pounds.




Levkoy cats come in all colors and patterns.


They are gentle, friendly animals that get along with everyone in the family including children and other pets. They are very loyal to their owners and quite vocal.

Suitable for

The Ukrainian Levkoy is an indoor cat. These cats are sensitive to extreme heat and cold, so they would make ideal apartment pets. They are playful and get bored easily, so the ideal owner should provide them with a lot of toys and engage in interactive activities with them.


The breed produces more body oils than normal coated cats and may need more frequent bathing. Overbathing can result in dry skin, though. Their folded ears need to be cleaned frequently as residue can build up quickly in between the folds. Like Sphynx cats, Levkoys will feel the winter cold more than normal coated cats so they need to be kept extra warm. In the summer, they face the danger of sunburns, so care should be taken that they don't spend too much time in strong sunlight.


The Ukrainian Levkoy is a relatively new domestic cat breed. Its development started in 2000. The goal was to develop a cat of Ukrainian origin and unique appearance. The breed got its name from the Levkoy plant that has bent leaves, just like these cats have bent ears. The breed is so new that it is not recognized by most cat fanciers associations around the world. It is found mostly in Ukraine and Russia, although the past few years a few Levkoys have been exported to other countries.