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York Chocolate Cat

York Chocolate Cat photo

An adult york chocolate male cat.
Photograph by Nickstein00. License: Public Domain.

The York Chocolate is a medium-large domestic cat breed. These are big boned, muscular cat with adult males weighing 14-16 pounds and females 10-12 pounds. They have rounded heads with almond shaped eyes that may be green, golden or hazel. York Chocolates have semi longhaired coats that are woolly and soft to the touch. They have long, fluffy tails and tufted feet and ruffs.




Although the traditional coloring is solid chocolate, they may also come in solid lavender, chocolate and white or lavender and white.


The York Chocolate is an affectionate, loving cat. It is loyal to its owners and forms strong bonds with them. Although the York can do well on its own, it loves attention, being cuddled and petted. It will greet its owners when they arrive home and will try to get involved in all of their activities.

Suitable for

This cat gets along with children and pets and is suitable for families. York Chocolates have been bred from farm cats so they are excellent hunters. As such, they are suited to outdoor living; if an outdoor space is unavailable they could stay indoors but should be supplied with moving toys that will serve as prey substitutes.


The York Chocolate do not require frequent grooming as they don't shed excessively. They have no special care requirements compared to other domestic cat breeds as well as no special health problems.


The breed is relatively new. It was the outcome of the breeding of two farm cats in New York in 1983. The kitten produced from this pairing, Brownie, caught the attention of the farm owner for his rich, glossy, chocolate coat. The farmer started breeding the York Chocolate and after a few years the breed was granted championship status by the CCF and the Canadian Cat Association.

More York Chocolate Cat Pictures
York Chocolate Cat photo

York Chocolate Cat
Photograph by Nikki311. License: Public Domain.

York Chocolate Cat photo

York Chocolate kitten
Photograph by Nikki311. License: Public Domain.