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Cat Breeds of Africa

Chausie Cat Chausie Cat
The Chausie cat resembles a wild jungle cat in both coat and size. In fact, the Chausie gets its name from the Jungle Cat from which it is descended: the Felis Chaus. They weigh twice (or even three times) as much as the average domestic cat, and...  Read more >
Egyptian Mau Cat Egyptian Mau Cat
The Egyptian Mau is a well proportioned cat which has a sleek body with a flap of skin over its stomach, and a rounded head. Its ears sit evenly on top and are well spaced and very large. The Mau's hind legs should be longer than its front ones, but...  Read more >
Sokoke Cat Sokoke Cat
The Sokoke is a medium sized domestic cat breed that looks like an ocelot. It has a slender, well muscled body with a strong bone structure and moves differently to most domestic cats; its movements resemble those of a cheetah. Its legs are longer...  Read more >