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Cat Breeds of America

American Curl Cat American Curl Cat
The American Curl is named for its most prominent feature: its curled ears. They are small, stiff and widely open. They often have tufts of hair on the curled-in point. The Curl is a robust cat, with its ideal body length being between 1 and 1...  Read more >
American Polydactyl Cat American Polydactyl Cat
The most notable thing about the American Polydactyl is that they often have up to seven toes on each paw. There are various combinations of digits on the cats' paws, but the number of digits on each of the front and back pairs generally match. It...  Read more >
American Shorthair Cat American Shorthair Cat
The American Shorthair has a muscled body and is medium to large in size. As its name indicates, the cats are all short haired animals. The most common pattern for the American Shorthair is the classic tabby, however these cats come in many...  Read more >
Balinese Cat Balinese Cat
Balinese cats are sleek but well muscled, with a coat of medium length. Their eyes are clear and alert, and are neither deep-set not protruding. They are almond-shaped, blue and slanted towards the nose. The deeper the blue of the eyes, the nicer...  Read more >
Bombay Cat Bombay Cat
The Bombay Cat is an entirely black cat that was known for a while as the miniature black panther. The Bombay is a strong and muscular cat that is quite robust, but not stout. Their heads are rounded and their muzzles are generally very short. They...  Read more >
Brazilian Shorthair Cat Brazilian Shorthair Cat
As its name suggests, the Brazilian Shorthair's coat is short, and lies close to its body. There are a large number of patterns for the coat. They have comparatively slender, yet powerful, bodies, and mid-length tapering tails. Their legs are...  Read more >
Burmilla Cat Burmilla Cat
The Burmilla is medium in size and has a normal sized body and a rounded head that is wedge shaped. It is wider just above the eyes and then tapers down bluntly to the muzzle. The Burmilla's eyes are a brilliant green that is the signature of the...  Read more >
California Spangled Cat California Spangled Cat
The California Spangle cat is a breed that was created to be long and sleek with a hunter's elegance, with its body low to the ground and with powerful legs. It is a well muscled cat with a slow stride and a sculpted face. The California Spangle's...  Read more >
Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Colorpoint Shorthair Cat
The Colorpoint Shorthair's body is long, sleek and tan. The fur is occasionally white, however, and the cat has a long, tapered, swishy tail. The points of the cat are a different colour to that of the its body. (The points of a cat are its ears,...  Read more >
Himalayan Cat Himalayan Cat
Himalayan cats are the result of breeding between Persians and Siamese cats. They have a heavy, powerful build and a thick coat like Persians, but are colourpoints like the Siamese. They have round heads, large blue eyes, small ears, and short...  Read more >
Javanese Cat Javanese Cat
Javanese cats are much the same as Siamese as far as appearance goes. However, unlike the Siamese cats, they usually have green eyes (though they can be blue) and are long haired cats Their fur is fluffy and silky to touch, and their tails are...  Read more >
LaPerm Cat LaPerm Cat
LaPerm cats are small animals with curly fur and long curly whiskers. Their heads are small and somewhat triangular, and their almond-shaped eyes are set quite widely on their faces. They have very strong and prominent chins, and in the profile...  Read more >
Maine Coon Cat Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon cats are large animals, with squared jaws and bright, round eyes. They have high cheekbones and large ears which have tufts on them. The Maine Coon's body is strong and muscular, as are the legs. Their paws are large and round, and the...  Read more >
Munchkin Cat Munchkin Cat
Munchkin cats are the same as "regular" cats, except with significantly shorter legs. Their tails often look disproportionately long on their bodies due to the lack of length in leg, and their heads often look too big. There is no real distinction...  Read more >
Nebelung Cat Nebelung Cat
Nebelungs are sleek, silky blue cats that move swiftly and gracefully. The name "Nebelung" is German and means "creature of the mist", which is appropriate for these cats. They walk elegantly with powerful legs. Their bodies are well-muscled and...  Read more >
Ocicat Ocicat
The Ocicat is a man-made breed which was designed to be a domestic imitation of a wild cat, like a leopard or a cheetah. They have powerful builds and long tails, but their defining feature is their unique and exotic spotted pattern. Their coats are...  Read more >
Ojos Azules Cat Ojos Azules Cat
The Ojos Azules breed is extremely rare. It is defined by its bright blue eyes which are not linked to coat colour. It used to be that blue eyes in cats were found only when the coat was white or colourpoint, but the Ojos Azules breed, blue or odd...  Read more >
Pantherette Cat Pantherette Cat
The Pantherette is a hybrid breed of cat that is still under development. It is intended to look similar to a Black panther. It is a new breed based on a Melanistic (Black) Bengals as one of the foundation breeds. The cat is a large and muscular...  Read more >
Pixie-bob Cat Pixie-bob Cat
The Pixie-Bob is a medium-large breed of domestic cat that can be either shorthair or longhair. Their bodies are rangy and muscular with heavy bone structures and their hind legs are longer than the front. They have big paws and thick toes, while...  Read more >
Ragdoll Cat Ragdoll Cat
Ragdolls are semi-longhair cats, with muscular bodies and heavy bone structure. Their hind legs are slightly higher than their front. Their paws are large, round and tufted. Their coat is soft, silky and considerably dense and their tails are long...  Read more >
Savannah Cat Savannah Cat
The Savannah cat is a hybrid breed, a cross between a Serval and a domestic cat. It is a tall, lean and graceful breed with a long, well built body. Adult Savannahs can become quite heavy, with males ranging from 15-30 pounds and females from 9-17...  Read more >
Selkirk Rex Cat Selkirk Rex Cat
The Selkirk Rex is a medium-large, heavy boned, muscular domestic cat breed. The cats' legs and tails are proportionate to their body sizes and their overall appearance is round and firm. Adult males weigh 11-16 pounds while females 6-12 pounds. The...  Read more >
Serengeti Cat Serengeti Cat
The Serengeti is a hybrid domestic cat breed, a crossing between a Bengal and an Oriental shorthaired. The cats are small, shorthaired, thick coated with medium-short, thick tails and extremely long legs. Their heads are longer than they are wide...  Read more >
Snowshoe Cat Snowshoe Cat
The Snowshoe is an elegant, foreign type domestic cat breed. It is related to the Siamese breed and this is evident in its coat markings and especially in the inverted V on the face. Snowshoes have long, firm bodies with medium bone and muscle...  Read more >
Sphynx Cat Sphynx Cat
The Sphynx is a medium sized breed of domestic cat, famous for its naked appearance. Although they appear to be hairless, in reality many Sphynx are covered by a soft, fine down. Their wrinkled skin often gives a feeling of resistance when stroking...  Read more >
York Chocolate Cat York Chocolate Cat
The York Chocolate is a medium-large domestic cat breed. These are big boned, muscular cat with adult males weighing 14-16 pounds and females 10-12 pounds. They have rounded heads with almond shaped eyes that may be green, golden or hazel. York...  Read more >