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Cat Breeds of Asia

Bengal Cat Bengal Cat
The Bengal is a large, robust cat with a firm, muscular build. As with most cats, their hind legs are a little longer than their front legs, and their heads are well proportioned to the body and wedge shaped. The Bengal's head is slightly longer...  Read more >
Birman Cat Birman Cat
Birmans are a semi-longhaired breed of cat with robust bodies and short legs. Their paws should be small and round. Birmans' fur is white on most of their bodies and on the paws, with markings on the 'points' of their bodies: their ears, the tips of...  Read more >
Burmese Burmese
Burmese cats are slim, sleek animals with very short coats and bright golden yellow eyes. Their paws are small and oval shaped and their heads are relatively flat. They have large pointed ears and swishy tails. Burmese females are smaller than their...  Read more >
Dragon Li Cat Dragon Li Cat
The Dragon Li is also known as the "Li Hua Mau", the "Li Hua Mao" and the "Li Mao". It has strong, powerful body and thick, muscled legs. Its paws are round, and its tail is medium in length. The Dragon Li's coat is a unique golden-brown, broken...  Read more >
Japanese Bobtail Cat Japanese Bobtail Cat
The Japanese Bobtail cat is a well-muscled cat of medium size. Its distinguishing feature it its short, bunny-like tail, for which it is named. The base colour of the coat can be white, black, or red. They can also have patches of colour in white,...  Read more >
Korat Cat Korat Cat
The Korat is a sleek, medium sized cat. Their coats are blue, though they are unlike other cats of this variety. The roots of the hairs are a light bluish colour, while the tips are silver. This "silvering" all over the body gives the cat the...  Read more >
Oriental Shorthair Cat Oriental Shorthair Cat
The Oriental Shorthair cat is a sleek, slim animal that comes in an enormous variety of colours and patterns - the number of variations is over 300. They are characterized by their huge ears and thin frame, along with a very long tail. Despite their...  Read more >
Persian Cat Persian Cat
Persian cats have been around for thousands of years, and they are perhaps the most popular breed of cat. They have long, silky coats with large ruffs on the chest. The Persian's body is heavily boned, and the cat is well balanced. These cats are...  Read more >
Siamese Cat Siamese Cat
The Siamese cat is one of the most elegant and graceful breeds of domestic cat. It has a medium sized, muscular, thin, flexible and long body with a fine, thin coat. Its legs and tail are long and fine while its paws are small and oval shaped. Adult...  Read more >
Singapura Cat Singapura Cat
The Singapura is a small to medium-sized, shorthaired domestic cat breed. Adult males usually weigh 6-8 pounds while females 5-6 pounds. Singapura cats have muscular bodies, with strong legs and small oval feet. They have rounded heads with large,...  Read more >
Tonkinese Cat Tonkinese Cat
The Tonkinese is a medium sized, shorthaired cat breed, a hybrid of the Siamese and the Burmese breeds. Tonkinese cats have compact yet muscular bodies which make them surprisingly heavy for their size. Adult males weigh 10-12 pounds while females...  Read more >
Turkish Angora Cat Turkish Angora Cat
The Turkish Angora cat is one of the most elegant, graceful and well proportioned domestic cat breeds. Angoras are finely boned, yet muscular cats. Their legs are long with the hind legs being longer than the front. Their paws are small, rounded and...  Read more >
Turkish Van Cat Turkish Van Cat
The Turkish Van is a sturdy, medium sized domestic cat breed. Vans have long, muscular bodies with medium-long legs and round and well tufted paws. Adult males weigh on average 14-16 pounds while females 12-14 pounds. Turkish Van cats have short...  Read more >