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Cat Breeds of Europe

Abyssinian Cat Abyssinian Cat
The Abyssinian cats have strong, powerful builds with legs that appear too lean for their bodies. This is because they are very well muscled. Their paws are small and oval shaped and their tails are quite long and graceful and their relatively large...  Read more >
Aegean Cat Aegean Cat
The Aegean cat is a semi-longhaired breed, and is found in bi- and tri-colour varieties (with or without stripes), with one of the colours always being white. The white fur can cover from 1/3 to 2/3 of the cat's muscular body. Its tail is quite...  Read more >
British Longhair Cat British Longhair Cat
This cat has a medium-to-long, fluffy coat and a short thick, bushy tail. The British Longhair, or Lowlander's, head is broad and round. Its ears are short and rounded at the tips, sitting quite far apart. Its eyes are large and also round, with the...  Read more >
British Shorthair Cat British Shorthair Cat
British Shorthairs are sturdily built, with a powerful, muscled body with a broad chest. Their coats are short and thick. They also have strong, short legs and round paws. Their tails are thicker at the bottom, and come to a rounded tip. Their heads...  Read more >
Chartreux Cat Chartreux Cat
The Chartreux cat is large in size and has blue grey fur. Its eyes are generally copper, but range from this through to gold and orange, which is the desirable eye colour for the cat. Their fur is extremely dense and thick, is almost wool like in...  Read more >
Cornish Rex Cornish Rex
The Cornish Rex cat has a wavy coat and is small to medium in size. The Rex has a relatively small head in proportion to its body, which is rather compact and disproportionate. The back curves upward whereas the waist is small and its hips are wide....  Read more >
Devon Rex Devon Rex
The most distinctive feature of the Devon Rex is its curly, rippled coat. The Devon Rex has a small head with large ears, and the head is wedge shaped with full cheeks. Female Rexes tend to weigh around three kilograms whereas males are more between...  Read more >
European Shorthair Cat European Shorthair Cat
The European Shorthair is a strong, robust, muscular cat, without looking stout or stumpy. Their fur is generally very short and sleek to touch and look at, and comes in many different colours and patterns. Patterns include tortie, tabby and solid...  Read more >
Exotic Cat Exotic Cat
The Exotic Shorthair has a short, squat, cobby body which is covered in very dense, thick short, soft fur. They are very soft cats, and they have rather compact faces which are wider than they are long. Their faces, however, are sweet and open, and...  Read more >
German Rex Cat German Rex Cat
The German Rex cat has a rounded head, with a slight dip out to the nose. Its whiskers are a little shorter than is usual and are vaguely curled. These cats have strong chins and alert, wide set eyes, with a bright colour that corresponds to the...  Read more >
Havana Brown Cat Havana Brown Cat
The defining feature of the Havana Brown is its sleek mahogany toned coat. Its fur is smooth, shiny and lies close to the body; it is very soft to the touch. The cat is sleek and lean, though quite muscular and heavier than it looks. However, it...  Read more >
Manx Cat Manx Cat
The Manx is best known for being a tailless cat, although this is not always the case. Manx cats can be completely tailless ("rumpy"), but can also have a small bit of cartilage at the base of the spine ("riser") which can be felt when the cat is...  Read more >
Norwegian Forest Cat Norwegian Forest Cat
The Norwegian Forest cat is large and fluffy with soft, silky fur. Its face is quite wide and somewhat triangular. Its ears are average in size and pointed. These cats have bright green eyes and quite powerful builds beneath their thick coats. Their...  Read more >
Peterbald Cat Peterbald Cat
The Peterbald is a medium sized Oriental breed of domestic cat. Peterbalds have long, slender, muscular and elegant bodies with long and fine tails and legs. Their paws are small and oval with long toes. Adult males weigh 8-10 pounds while females...  Read more >
Russian Blue Cat Russian Blue Cat
The Russian Blue is a medium sized, shorthaired breed of domestic cat. Russian Blues have long, graceful bodies, with fine and high legs and small and oval paws. Their weight ranges from 7-12 pounds. Russian Blues have short wedged heads, with...  Read more >
Scottish Fold Cat Scottish Fold Cat
Scottish Folds are medium sized cats that can be either shorthaired or longhaired; the latter are also known as Highland Folds. They have muscular, rounded bodies and thick, double coats. Adult males weigh 9-13 pounds while females 6-9 pounds. The...  Read more >
Siberian Cat Siberian Cat
The Siberian is a large, semilonghair breed of domestic cat. Siberians have muscular, well boned bodies with powerful necks and broad chests. Their legs are of medium height and their paws are large, round and tufted between the toes. Adult males...  Read more >
Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Ukrainian Levkoy Cat
The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cat breed of a very original appearance. These cats are medium sized with long, slender and muscular bodies. They have a hairless appearance, although, much like other hairless cat breeds, their bodies are covered in a fine...  Read more >